FG Balance Sheet is a great FREE tool to control your money

FG Balance Sheet that fits exactly for household money planning. This Balance Sheet is FREE.

I’ve created FG Balance Sheet, because I know how important is to have a good personal budget tool. FG Balance Sheet is designed to gives you an information about your money, in the most comprehensible and simple way. Using FG Balance Sheet you will receive a solid base of knowledge statistics about your money. The most important parameters, like cash flow and passive income is exposed on the top of each sheet.

FG Balance Sheet explanation


FG Balance Sheet is an advanced financial statement and balance sheet tool that helps you manage your finances. FG Balance Sheet has been created in Google Docs, so you can download the file easily and use this tool at the daily basis, You can download this Sheet as Excel document as well, or upload to your personal cloud drive (Google Drive, Dropbox etc.). This way you can have access anytime and everywhere from your PC, tablet or smart phone.

The idea

People underestimate budgeting and financial planning. Tools like FG Balance Sheet helps you to control your money. Controlling is very important. Your financial decisions are often made at the present moment, without deeper analysis. When it comes to money – every step you take needs to be confronted with facts – otherwise you can lose money. Without any good planning and budgeting it’s difficult to make good decisions. This is one of the reasons people stuck in dead end. They didn’t think about money the way as they suppose to. Even when they earn big money, they often struggle financially. That’s why you need to have statistics. The more precise knowledge about your finances you have, the more you can predict or plan the future.

Most of us think, that when we earn more – we will be more wealthy. That is not true, because more money we have, the more expenses comes (new house and mortgage, better car, new smart phone and electronics – in general, expenses increases).

Well-planed finances helps you to control not only the money, but also your life. To know exactly what’s going on, you’ll need a method to control your income and expenses easily.

FG Balance Sheet is the simplest method to learn about money and finances, and to have the most precise knowledge about all your money.

Over the Web I’ve found a lot of good household finances tools, like Microsoft Money, or some well-designed spreadsheets. You can even create your own tool, but the biggest obstacle to do it, is the time you need to spend to learn or create that tool.

FG Balance Sheet is made exactly for your household financial planning. It covers only the most important factors, like financial statement and balance sheet. You will not only have a powerful tool to control your money, but also teach you how to be wealthy. You will check monthly and annually, how much passive income you need to earn to be financially free, and what is your cash flow. You will also learn about the types of income and how to apply them in your financial strategies.

All big companies using Balance Sheet as a primary tool for financial control – it’s mandatory for them. Companies known exactly their assets, liabilities, and their cash flow. Companies’ Balance sheets have the same outcome  as FG Balance Sheet (of course the data and numbers are different). Why? The government needs to have control over the financial side of companies. You should do the same – be at control and use a solid, comprehensive and clean balance sheet.

About the project:


The most important financial tool you need to use

FG Balance Sheet and Income / Expences Sheet are the most common and important tools you need to use.

Using FG Balance Sheet you are able to manage your finances better. You will also learn to create passive income faster.

Please check the information below how to download and use FG Balance Sheet:

  • One of the best tools for money management.

  • Simple to use

  • Full support

  • Uses Google Docs so you can manage your SHEET everywhere you are

  • You can modify Balance SHEET whatever you want

Special Features:
  • The spreadsheet is a downloadable template: Download it once (into your hard drive or Cloud Drive – Google Docs, Dropbox) and use over and over.

  • The file is based on Google Docs. It can be easly downloaded and opened in a Microsoft Excel (version 4.0 and above).

  • The spreadsheet is completely customizable: You can modify it to suit your needs.

  • The spreadsheet is easy to use. Just plug in your numbers and it will automatically calculate all the subtotals and totals and gives your status about passive income and cash flow.

Common questions and answers:

How to download Balance SHEET?

All the stuff in Financialgoal.eu is free! To download the file, you need to sign to the newsletter. You can stay in touch and you will receive information about upgrades and new projects. Inside first newsletter you will receive a link to download the app. To summarize:

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  4. Download the file to your desktop / Google Drive / Cloud or anywhere you want.
  5. Use the program whatever you want. If you want to make andjustments or changes that will be better for you – please do so!

Second method: you can download file directly clicking by Balance Sheet link.

Is it really FREE?


All the projects and infos in financialgoal.eu are (and will be) FREE! I’m sure everything attached to this site works and helps you. If you find something worth your attention and you want to reward me, you can always make small donation by Paypal. I will be really happy knowing that I helped you..

Where is the download link?

First method: Download link is always attached to e-mail with subscription. Please subscribe to the newsletter and follow links attached to e-mails.

Second method: you can download file directly clicking by Balance Sheet link.

I didn't receive e-mail. What should I do?

If you won’t receive e-mail please contact me directly by e-mail. Maybe it is a problem with the server or we face some other problems… We will try to solve it out. Please check your spam folder also. Sometimes the messages can be delivered there.

What language is Balance Sheet?

English version of Balance Sheet as a default. Inside the package you have Polish version also.

If you have some free time I ask you to change this Balance Sheet to your language. Rememer if you want to help Balance Sheet to grow, please download your copy of balance Sheet and change all the text to your desired language. You will receive special greetings from me and link to you inside the file.I will be

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