Before we start…

Here is some great tips you can use on a daily basis:

  • You are responsible for all your decisions in your life. If you want to change the world, start with yourself – Mohandas Gandhi. If someone gives you advice, you are the one who can use it or lose it.Don’t let someone control your life and take the best from you!
  • Time management is crutial. Try to use as much automate method you can. If you do the same tasks every day, try to automate them. For web, I prefer  IFTTT. You should try it. Use time management methods. Every day has 48 hours. Take adantage of it. Stay late if you must. Sleep well and dream the big things.
  • Mind your own business. Things you do are the most important. If you need to do your stuff and someone’s else stuff – do your tasks first. Take more time to do your things. You are a master of your own life. Create the best lifestyle you can.
  • Find a purpose in life. Robert Kiyosaki says (paraphrase) – if you don’t find a goal in life, you will be the a person who fills someone else’s goal.
  • Use Hour of Power in Education. Tony Robbins talks about a Hour of Power. Take one hour every day for your extraordinary life. On that one hour do everything you want to gain experience – read a book, watch movie, workout – do everything to learn new things. This is not an lazy hour. This is the most important creative hour. Continual improvement is the key.
  • Read Biographies & Memoirs Books. Read about famous people. Find their books / bio’s / ideas / thoughts / inspirational speeches / personal skills / how they behave. Learn from the best. I’m sure you will find interesting biographies or movies about famous people.
  • Find your mentor. Find people who follows your path and win. Learn from them. Learn from other mistakes rather than yours. Find people in sport, literature, mentoring, finances, time management and / or personal development.
  • Ask, and you shall receive. If you want to learn, ask all the time. This is the only way to become a specialist at something.
  • Screw It, Lets Do It! (R. Branson) – if you have an opprotunity – just do it! You will learn and take amazing experience.
  • Train yourself fisical, physical and spiritual. Don’t rely only on mind improvement. To have your mind strong, you need to have strong body. When you are workout, you will learn better.
  • Find another (better) ways to learn. Try to use different concepts of learning, like mind map, speed reading, tutorials, vlogs, virals etc.
  • Live the best life you can. Let no one interrupts your creativity and passion. You are master of your faith and only you can decide what you will do in a certain moment.