Before we start…

Here is some great tips you can use on a daily basis:

  • Manage your money. Use Balance Sheet to find where are your money are exactly . Finances are solid. Only if you collect money data you can manage your finances well. When you are in debt or you have money problems – without good planning and finding all your monthly income and expences is hard to find the best strategy to get out of debt.
  • Seal your house / flat. We all losing money this way. If your house is not seal (windows, holes, block warming etc.), you are spending lots of money to heat your apartament. Good way is to have energetic audit. Companies can check where are your weakest points in that matter, and then you can act. Sealing your living place can dramatically ireduce your expences so this idea is worth o consider.
  • Use alternative source of electricity. When you are abroad you can use solar / wind power to charge your cellphone. You can use bigger designs to charge your whole house with electricity. First this idea you need to put money to it, but after couple of years you will take advantae of that idea (pricies of electricity will go up). This method is also good to environment we are living. Please use that idea a lot.
  • Do sports. You need to have a passion for some sports. When you are competig you feel better and you are more crative.
  • Stay active. To be healthy and have energy you will need to stay active. Do some sports, go for a walk or run. Pcku up your headphones and play some audio books. You will either learn and train. You need to be consantly in motion – that’s the life about. If you stay in one place doing nothing you will not grow. Every person needs a drive to grow. Don’t stay at one place all your life..
  • Learn. If you have passion you need to learn as much possible about te subject. Please do whatever it takes to be expert at the branch you wants to be. Read books / magazines / newsletters / blogs and postrs from the community / facebook. Tweet, ask someone if you have doubts. Watch videos and just do it. Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life’s hard. – John Bytheway.