Income Ideas blog best tips.

Here is some great tips you can use on a daily basis:

Your personal influence:

  • Work less (but more efficient) . Try to work less, even half the time you are working now! Instead of 8 hour day try to work 4. Plan your work day earlier and try to use your 4 hours to the max. After work do more interesting things. I’m sure you have something better than work. Work less, earn more is very common, smart idea. I think the most valuable book about working smart and fast is “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss. I highly recommend this book.
  • Don’t waste time at work. When you are working don’t chat, sit down or watch youtube /  facebook. You will have time for it later. Use your work time to the maximum. After couple of weeks you will be shocked, how much you can accomplish.
  • Plan… always plan your lifetime. When everything works great, think about bad times, and prepare…. After hot summer always comes winter. Be always ready.
  • Improve. Maybe It’s time to change something and do some improvements? Follow your rivals (different companies / competition)  and always try to be a step ahead.
  • Risk – take advantage of your courage. To achieve your goal you neet a dedication, will and planned actions. You need to risk: You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky.
  • Advertising and social media are very important!. Use different form to share your content: Facebook, Youtube, Digg, Twitter, Flickr, Blog. Use as much as possible. Take advantage of modern social media options! Learn social media, you will need to use them anyway.

Your personal finance:

  • Increase your financial knowledge – read and watch the news about economy, stocks and so on. This information will help you increase your financial intelligence.
  • Spend less than you earn. This simple idea is true for everyone. No matter what are your income – if you earn million dollar and spend two millions, you will never be financial free Unfortunately not everyone follow that rule.
  • Save some money. Try to save certain amount of money every time you earn. This is very simple and effective method. For example if you earn 1000 $, you save about 20 – 30$ for investments. You put this money into bank account and never take them out until you are ready to invest. If you follow Robert Kiyosaki way, you can save always 30% of your income. He uses this method even if he don’t have money to pay bills. This 30% were allocated and money buys assets.
  • Follow courses, seminars, read, learn, listen, observe. Do everything to increase your financial knowledge. Be a genius at finances. You don’t need to be genius at school. School don’t teach you how to deal with money. You need to learn it alone.
  • Find your best ways to save money. If you find and use some methods use them every day.
  • It’s good to risk a little bit. Put some money into risky investments. Use your savings for investments like IPO’s, stocks, forex, or buy more assets.
  • Your Health is the most important. Never save money on your health. Do a blood test. Your state is the most important. Eat healthy, use vitamins and minerals. Drink lots of water. Buy better products rather than cheaper.